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Providing Specialized Property Management and Consulting Services for Sophisticated Clientele

Canyon Run Properties, Inc. is a multifamily management consultant company whose goal is to service the client by maximizing the return on investment and increasing the value of the asset.

Many companies put increased pressure on assets by adding their own costs to the operation of the property which shows very little respect to the owner's overall goals and objectives.


Canyon Run believes in transparency and places the owner's objectives as the priority, not our own. Our #1 priority for our clients is to efficiently manage operating expenses, increase revenues and position the asset for the future, and our #1 priority to our residents is to provide them exceptional communities to call home.  

We believe that each owner has special needs and goals for their property and we strive to give them outstanding service through our strategic planning with each client.

 Our goal is not volume but value!  We are here to service our clients with a hands on and unique style.

Not only do we provide outstanding property management services, but we can also assist you with needed acquisition analysis in the event you are looking to add to your portfolio. (See Services)

Please contact us for more information.

Providing specialized property management services for sophisticated clientele

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